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Sumsertech is a company dedicated to supplying lubricants, additives and filters for agriculture, industry, the automotive sector, public works and mining. Founded in 2012 by professionals of the sector with more than 20 years of experience, the company is located in the Camp Llong de Balaguer Industrial Estate (Lleida). Its main objective is to cater to its clients’ needs in a global context in which personalised service and guidance are becoming the main raison d’être.
“Updating ourselves and keeping up with the times like a doctor, a scientist or a professor” is the motto our team’s professionals use to explain Sumsertech’s philosophy. The key to success lies in getting to know the client and providing personalised guidance and service in all areas of the market that require attention, as is the case for machinery for agriculture, the automotive sector, industry, the maritime sector and mining.



Sumsertech’s primary objective is to provide personalised guidance and excellent service which allows the mechanical systems of machines for agriculture, industry or the automotive sector to be properly maintained, either through preventative maintenance or applying the corrections required in each case to avoid unnecessary expenses for the client. That is why here at Sumsertech we work with lubricants, filters and additives that are market leaders and which we are distributors of. In fact, although the company is well established in the Catalan market, our goal is to grow on an international level.


Sumsertech is quite clear that it has the desire and the obligation to work shoulder to shoulder with its clients to build collaborations which, ultimately, must result in improving our productive network and growing the machinery of the economy. “Giving the client what it appropriate for them and what they really need” is the motto Sumsertech’s professionals employ as the company’s business card, because ultimately it is all about offering maximum “commercial integrity”. This is why, here at Sumsertech, we do not understand timetables or barriers that limit the company’s mission, because we work with and for the client, with the desire to be wherever they need us at all times, as is to be expected of a private company with universal reach.

In our lubrication, fuel additive and filtration products, we offer:

  • Technical experts
  • Personalised guidance
  • Fast and professional service
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Fuel analysis

About Us

Sumsertech is a company dedicated to providing lubricants, additives and filters for agriculture, industry, automotive, public works and mining.. 

  •   Pol Ind Camp Llong, C/. Mestral, 4 · 25600 Balaguer (Lleida)
  •   (+34) 973 450636
  •   export@sumsertech.es
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